Newly updated in 2020, the page editor in the WashU Web Theme is now based entirely on content blocks. The block-based editor streamlines how you lay out pages and edit your content.

Which page editor your site is using depends on when it was created. Sites created on or after June 1, 2020, have the new editor by default. Sites created before June 1, 2020, have the legacy page editors, unless a site has already been upgraded to the new block editor (also known as Gutenberg).

Sites created
before June 1, 2020:

Legacy editors (Classic and Tailor) installed by default.

Site must be updated to new editor. Contact WashU Sites Support to request update.

Guides and tutorials:

Sites created on or
after June 1, 2020:

New block editor installed by default.

No action needed.

Guides and tutorials:

About the new editor and how your site is affected

The new block editor integrates the layout and design tools of a page builder such as Tailor into the core page editor, combining the best of both worlds. For now, sites may opt into the new editor, but eventually the upgrade will be required of all WashU Web Theme sites.