Once your site has been updated, you’ll need to convert each page and post to the new block editor.

If your site has not been updated to the block editor yet, you can request the new editor. Sites created after June 1, 2020, have the new editor by default, so no updates are needed.

What to expect

If your WashU Web Theme site was created before June 1, 2020, the WashU Sites team will reach out to schedule your update. After we update your site, you’ll individually edit each page and post to convert it to the new block editor.

For simpler pages, this conversion may take seconds. Other pages may take more time. A site with ten or fewer pages will likely take less than an hour total to convert.

When to convert pages

You can convert all of your pages and posts in one sitting, or you can break it up and convert sections of the site over a few days or weeks. Either way, how your site looks to visitors will not change, giving you the freedom to update each page when you are ready. Just keep in mind that once your site has been updated, you will not be able to edit a page until it has been converted to the new editor.

How to convert pages

Since you want to convert every page, post, person, place and item, we recommend starting in your site dashboard. From here, you can go to your site’s list of all pages, posts, etc., and work down the list.

  1. From the site Dashboard, click a content type in the left menu to see all pages or posts of that type (e.g., Pages > All Pages).

    Pro tip! This list of pages or posts only shows 20 items per page (notice the arrows at bottom right). To increase the number of pages listed, click Screen Options at the top right of your window. Here you can change the number of items per page. We like to add a quick zero to 20, making it 200. Then click Apply!
  2. Click the page or post title. Or you can click Edit, which appears below the title on hover.

How you convert a page or post depends on which editor it was originally built in — the default/classic editor, or the Tailor page builder:

If created in the Tailor page builder:

A page built in Tailor will display a pop-up message directing you to convert it to the new editor.

If created in the default editor:

Pages in the default/classic editor will show all content in a single block that you can edit and easily convert.