Once your site has been updated, you’ll need to convert each existing page and post to the new block editor.

If your WashU Web Theme site was created before June 1, 2020, the WashU Sites team will reach out to schedule your update. After the site is updated to the new editor, you’ll need to convert existing pages, posts, People, Places and Items from Tailor and the Classic WordPress editors to the new block editor.

If your site has not been updated to the block editor yet, you can request the new editor.

Sites created after June 1, 2020, have the new editor by default, so no updates are needed.

Convert on your schedule

You can convert all of your pages and posts in one sitting (for a complex site, this might take several hours) or convert sections of the site each week. Either way, how your site looks to visitors will not change, giving you the freedom to transition each page whenever you are ready. However, once your site has been updated, you will need to convert a page to the new editor in order to edit it.

How to convert pages and posts

If you’re new to the block editor, we recommend getting acquainted with using blocks to build and edit pages.

  1. From your site’s Dashboard, click a content type in the left menu to see all pages or posts of that type (e.g., Pages > All Pages, or Items > All Items).
    This list of pages or posts defaults to showing 20 per page. To increase the maximum number shown, click Screen Options at the top right and change the number of items per page. We typically change 20 to 200. Or skip to the next 20 using the arrows at the bottom right.
  2. Click the page or post title, or click Edit, which appears below the title on hover.

How you convert your content depends on if the page or post was built using the classic/default editor or the Tailor page builder.

For pages built using Tailor

You will not be able to edit Tailored pages until you’ve converted them to the new editor.

When you click to edit a page that has been Tailored, you’ll see a pop-up message directing you to convert the page to the new editor.

For pages built using the default editor

When you edit a page that was built using the default editor, you’ll see all of the content in a single block, called the Classic Block.