Before attending a training session

Prior to joining us for a group training session, we ask that you complete the following tasks. Coming prepared will maximize the usefulness of the session for you and others around you.

Log in to a website created at

All of our trainings are designed to be hands on. In order for that to happen, all attendees must have access to a website created through after July 2017.

Option 1: You’ve created a site and it has not launched yet

Did you create a site for your group? Is it still hidden to search engines (the default)? Perfect. Log in, and you’re good to go.

If someone else in your group created the site you wish to edit, you’ll need to work with that person before training to add you as a new user.

Option 2: Your site has launched already, or you don’t have access to a site

Go to and create a new site with the word “test” in the address, e.g. Call it something like “Allison Smith’s Test Site.”

Familiarize yourself with the basics

In general, we’ve found that people are more comfortable during training if they’re already familiar with the basic components of a website.

If you’re new to editing websites, we recommend watching this seven-minute video describing the parts of a website before attending a group training session. The video explains the basic structure of a website and includes vocabulary such as homepage, internal/secondary pages, menus, header, footer and content.

If you’ve coded a website or used a tool like Dreamweaver but have no CMS experience, we recommend you watch this video on CMS fundamentals before attending this class. (Video length is 2:54). You’ll find CMS-ing quite different from hand-coding!

On the day of training

Please bring a laptop and a positive attitude, ready to learn!

Arrive early and log in to your site so you’re ready to follow along with the training at the designated start time.

After training

Take our survey

After you’ve attended a group training session, we’ll send you an optional survey asking for feedback. These surveys helps us improve future training sessions and support documentation for other WashU Web Theme users.

Identify which topics you would like to explore in-depth

Although we can’t cover everything in training, we’ve covered almost everything on our support documentation website (the one you’re on right now). Use the search bar in the top right corner of the site to find a specific tutorial, or visit the Guides & Tutorials page to browse all topics.

Attend additional trainings as needed

You may like to attend multiple group training sessions at different points in the website creation process. Some people find it helpful to attend when they first start work on their site, then again as a refresher after they’ve added the bulk of their content.

For questions specific to your site, you can schedule a one-on-one training session or message us through our online support request form.