Microbiome researcher Jeffrey Gordon wins Copley Medal

Portrait of Jeffrey Gordon

Gordon is honored for his studies of human gut microbial communities which have led to a fundamental shift in the way scientists understand the relationship between microbes, health and disease. His discoveries have shed new light on, among other things, the origins of two pressing global health problems: obesity and childhood malnutrition.

WashU Expert: Dantas advice to Trump Administration

President Trump touts his interest in promoting American greatness. I implore him and his team to champion the scientific process as a necessary pillar in achieving such greatness.

Alzheimer’s prevention trial to evaluate third drug

An international team led by the School of Medicine has selected a third investigational drug to be tested in a worldwide clinical trial — already underway — aimed at finding treatments to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Database to collect research on cancer mutations

School of Medicine researchers developed an online “knowledgebase” intended to gather and organize the vast body of knowledge known as cancer genomics. The hope is that clinicians can better identify mutations in tumors and targeted drugs.