Updated in 2020, the page editor is now based entirely on blocks. The block-based page builder makes it easy to lay out pages, edit your content and deliver your unique message.

Every piece of content on a page — each paragraph, heading, photo, button, etc. — is a separate block. Blocks are easy to add, edit and move, making page building fast, flexible and, dare we say, a little fun!

The block editor is a new core feature of WordPress. If you’ve edited WordPress sites before, you’re familiar with the Classic Editor, which has one editing pane for a page’s content. You also may have used a page building tool like Tailor, entering content in separate, movable elements. The new block editor replaces the Classic Editor and Tailor, combining their features into a single editor.

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Text formatting


*The Slideshow and Tiled Gallery blocks are part of the Jetpack package. Jetpack is a third-party plugin. WashU Sites affiliated with the School of Medicine have Jetpack enabled by default; all other WashU Sites must activate Jetpack prior to use of these blocks.

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