There will be no group training sessions over the summer.

Group training sessions will resume in the fall.

Ready to get started with your site, but not sure where to begin? The WashU Web Theme guides and tutorials are a great place to start. However, you’re not in this alone!

Group trainings

We highly encourage you to join us for a group training session. At these training sessions, you’ll learn about important features and settings for building your site, as well as tips to take your site to the next level.

Group training sessions are typically offered monthly and alternate between the Danforth and Medical campuses. All users are welcome to attend any session. You are not tied to your “home base.” If one date doesn’t work for you, take a quick MetroLink ride to the other campus!

The Basics: Setting Up & Editing Your Website

In this class, you’ll learn how to complete essential tasks such as editing your homepage, adding and editing interior pages, styling text and adding links, inserting photos and video, and updating your site’s menus, header and footer.

Throughout the course, we will also review the WashU Web Theme’s design and editorial standards, which help create a consistent, user-friendly experience for visitors to all WashU websites.


This course is designed for people who have some experience using a website content management system (CMS) such as Joomla, SharePoint, Drupal or WordPress.

If you’re brand new to editing websites, we recommend a quick introduction to website basics before attending this class. Watch this video on the parts of web design, and you should be ready to go. (Video length is 7:16).

If you’ve coded a website or used a tool like Dreamweaver but have no CMS experience, we recommend you watch this video on CMS fundamentals before attending this class. (Video length is 2:54). You’ll find CMS-ing quite different from hand-coding!

Advanced Tools: Enhancing Your Website

In this class, you’ll learn to maximize your content using a drag-and-drop page builder as well a variety of other tools. Topics include:

  • Tailor page builder
  • Posts
  • People
  • Places
  • Items
  • Events/Calendar
  • Forms

This course is designed for people who are very familiar with WordPress or who have attended The Basics: Setting Up & Editing Your Website.

Web Accessibility

The WashU Web Accessibility Users Group meets to share knowledge about standards and best practices for creating and supporting web-based content that’s accessible to people with disabilities and those using assistive technologies. Each month, a speaker presents on a different web accessibility-related topic.

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While we hope that everyone will take advantage of our group trainings, we realize there are some cases when a one-on-one session makes more sense, such as:

  • You have one or more very specific questions.
  • You tend to learn better in a one-on-one setting.
  • Your site was created before August 2017, which means it’s in another theme.
  • You cannot make it to a group training or wait for the next one.

To request a one-on-one training, please email us at