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Smart Food Strategies During the Pandemic

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These tips and insights, collected from staff at the Office of Sustainability, are meant to optimize your grocery shopping trips in order to minimize future needs to go out.

Microbiome researcher Jeffrey Gordon wins Copley Medal

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Gordon is honored for his studies of human gut microbial communities which have led to a fundamental shift in the way scientists understand the relationship between microbes, health and disease. His discoveries have shed new light on, among other things, the origins of two pressing global health problems: obesity and childhood malnutrition.

Startup Connection announces startups for Venture Showcase

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Event takes place at Washington University Nov. 16 Startup Connection, St. Louis’ largest event focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, has announced the companies selected to take part in its Venture Showcase Nov. 16 at Washington University in St. Louis. The startups will have the opportunity to pitch their products, services and ideas to the business […]

Running on solar power

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As a student, senior Deko Ricketts explored new technologies to make solar power safer and more efficient. He is among many who launched businesses and developed technologies while earning a degree.