Online forms are an efficient way to open the lines of communication with your site visitors.

Use forms for simple things like contact pages, or more complex things like program applications, event registrations, lead generation and surveys.

Collect and manage your form submissions through your website or with notifications.

This feature is available through a plugin that needs to activated before first use.

To activate: From the WordPress dashboard, click Plugins in the left menu. Find Formidable Forms in the list of plugins, and click Activate.

Creating a Form

Reduce paperwork and make communications easy for your users. You can use web forms for contact pages, applications, event registrations and more.

Customizing the Confirmation Page for Submitted Forms

Let users know they've successfully submitted a form and that someone will be in touch.

Sending Email Notifications for Submitted Forms

Set up confirmation emails for submitters or submission notifications for admins.

Viewing & Exporting Submitted Forms

Look at your form submissions individually or export them to create a spreadsheet.