The WashU Web Theme makes it easy for you manage your own WashU-branded website.

Here you’ll find information about building your site and requesting support.

Theme Features

Rich features give you the power to customize your site with photos, videos, directories, calendars, blog posts and more.

Guides & Tutorials

Our guides and tutorials cover everything from editing pages to finding and sizing images to setting up Google Analytics.

Popular Tutorials

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Adding Google Analytics to a WashU Site

Set up Google Analytics as soon as your site launches to start collecting data right away.

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Adding Images

Insert photos or graphics into the body of a page or post.

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Adding New Users to Edit Your Site

Give people access to edit your website.

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Editing Navigation Menus

Rearrange the order of pages in your site’s menus.

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Formatting Text

Add subheadings, body text, links, bulleted lists and more using basic formatting blocks.

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Inserting a List of People, Places or Items (PPI)

Use the PPI List block to create a dynamic list of staff, labs, publications and more.

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Making a Site Visible to Search Engines

To publicly “launch” a site, change the visibility settings so search engines can find it. 

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Setting up the Homepage

Edit the default homepage, or set a new page as Home.

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Using Blocks: An Intro to the Page Editor

Laying out pages and editing content is a snap with your site’s block editor.

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