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Student Groups

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Active Minds

Help us change the conversation about mental health by programming, educating, and talking about mental health to reduce stigma and create a safe environment for everyone!

Active Minds is a national organization that seeks to promote a greater interest in and awareness of mental health issues. We seek to remove the stigma from mental illness by educating people about the causes and realities of mental illness.

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Bear Studios

Provides undergrads with unique opportunities to work on real projects creating value for companies, and be well compensated for their work

Supports student-run ventures that are just getting started through an incubator that connects students to a small amount of start-up capital as well as to Bear Studios Student Team Members who have diverse skill-sets in programming and coding, finance, strategy, app development, marketing, and graphic design, among other skills, to help develop their ventures.

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Bioentrepreneurship Core (BEC)

Focused on biotechnology-based entrepreneurial opportunities and skills

BEC is a graduate student-led multidisciplinary group open to all WashU affiliates, begun in 2004 and now comprising upward of 400 members. Its mission is to educate students, faculty, and staff regarding biotechnology-based entrepreneurial opportunities and skills.

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China Connection

Promoting careers in China and supporting Chinese students at WashU

Our group aims to serve as the resource for WashU students who are interested in the career opportunities in China. We will cooperate with alumni associations in China and share our information with current WashU students. In addition, we provide orientation programs and other services to incoming Chinese students to help them better adjust to WashU culture and succeed in their college life.

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Future Healthcare Professionals

Explore the world of medicine as an undergrad

FHP is a healthcare club of the future, with collaborations at BJC/WUSM and a multitude of opportunities to experience the world of medicine as an undergrad.

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Latino Graduate Student Alliance (LGSA)

Focused on the social, educational, and professional needs of Latinx graduate students

The Latino Graduate Student Alliance is a graduate student group that addresses the social, educational, and professional needs of Latina/o graduate students and those interested in Latina/o and Latin American issues at Washington University. We strive to increase awareness and understanding of social, economic, cultural, and political issues affecting the Latino community at large.

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LGBTQIA group for graduate and professional students, faculty, and staff

OUTgrads is an LGBTQIA group dedicated to developing community among Washington University graduate and professional students, faculty, and staff of all genders and sexual orientations. It provides social support and professional development opportunities, and promotes awareness of issues that affect LGBT communities.

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Pre-Med Society

Resource for students who are interested in a professional medical career.

The Washington University in St. Louis Pre-Medical Society is dedicated to offering sound advice and educational support to the students of Washington University. Through planned events including guest speakers, medical school visits, and academic planning, our society offers answers to the questions all students pose, including those from incoming freshman who need guidance, sophomores who need MCAT advice, and the juniors and seniors who are applying and getting accepted to medical schools.

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Pride Alliance

Focuses on social, activist, and education goals for all of campus

Pride Alliance is a multi-focus LGBTQIA organization that is open to all Washington University students regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression. Pride Alliance will provide a supporting and stimulating environment, which students can grow from, contribute to, and build upon. Pride Alliance holds a general body meeting every two weeks during the school year.

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Sling Health

Solving medical problems. Training innovators. Improving healthcare.

Sling Health STL the founding chapter of a national student-run non-profit organization founded in 2013 by medical students at Washington University in St. Louis in order to confront the surplus of unsolved clinical problems they encountered within the hospitals. Our organization brings together a diverse group of students, clinicians, and local entrepreneurs to develop and commercialize medtech solutions that ultimately improve patient health care.