People, Places and Items (PPI) is a set of custom post types that allow you to add information about a similar group of objects in a standard way, then display that information as individual units or as a group.

When you create a PPI post, you can insert that individual post anywhere on your site.

Once you’ve created several people, places or items, you can insert them together as a list.

Like news and blog posts, PPI posts can be categorized and tagged, giving you even more options for how to group and display similar information. You could make a page that is only a PPI list, or a list can be intermingled with other content.

Each custom post has two parts:

  1. Tile: Tiles are the snippets that link to the full post detail page. Tiles can be inserted on any page individually or as a list. Tile content varies by post type, but they typically include the post title, thumbnail image, excerpt and other information.
  2. Post detail page: This is the full page of the actual post. When users click a tile, they go to the post detail page. For all three post types, you can bypass the post detail page and link to a page on another site instead.


Possible uses: Biographies, faculty directory, team roster, scholar listing and more

You can insert individual People posts on a page, or you can embed a list of people with the option to show filters.

See a sample People page »

Learn how to:

  1. Create a person post
  2. Set up categories
  3. Add a single person to a page
  4. Add a list of people to a page 
  5. Turn off linking for People posts’ detail pages


Possible uses: Office locations, venues, labs, housing locations, community partners and more  

For example, you may be a student group that volunteers to garden a dozen vacant lots around the city. Or, you might be a clinical practice group with offices from Chesterfield to the Central West End.

See a sample Places page »

Learn how to:

  1. Create a place post
  2. Show a map instead of an image
  3. Set up categories
  4. Add a single place to a page
  5. Add a list of Places to a page 
  6. Turn off linking for Places posts’ detail pages


Possible uses: Publications, internship programs, research projects, student groups, scholarship opportunities, services and more

The Items post type is flexible enough to display or filter entries of any type. In fact, the tutorials on this website are published as “items.”

Like people and places, each item is created as a separate post that can then be displayed or filtered by category, or listed individually.

See a sample Items page »

Learn how to:

  1. Create an Items post
  2. Set up categories
  3. Add a single item to a page
  4. Add a list of Items to a page 
  5. Turn off linking for Items posts’ detail pages