Posts give you the ability to add news articles or blog posts to your site with ease.

You can use posts to share news stories, press releases or blog posts then create a news or blog page to display summaries of your posts.

Creating posts

Adding New Posts

Posts can be used for dated content like news, announcements, or blog posts.

Adding Categories

Use categories to add filters or display a subset of posts on a page.

Creating a news/blog page

If you’d like to create a news page, or blog, where summaries of all of your posts are listed, you have two options: set a designated page to automatically populate with your most recent posts or create a custom page using the Posts element in Tailor. 

Setting a News Page

Create a page that automatically pulls in every news or blog post and displays each post's title, excerpt, date published and author

In addition to creating a custom news page that lists summaries of your posts, you can use Tailor to insert one or more posts on any page of your site.

Tailor Element: Posts

Use Tailor to customize how your posts are embedded and displayed on any page of your site.