Editing the Site Name & Affiliation

Your site name appears at the top of every page and is the same on every page.

  1. From your site’s dashboard, go to Appearance > Customize or, from the black admin bar at the top of any page, click Customize.
  2. Click Site Identity.
  3. Under Site Title, enter your desired site name.
  4. (Optional) Under Affiliation, fill in your your most relevant parent organization’s name.
  5. (Optional) Under Affiliation Link, fill in that parent organization’s URL.
  6.  Click Save & Publish.

Pro tip

If you don’t need to identify an affiliation, you may use the affiliation field for the prefix to your site title or group name (Office of, Institute of, Department of, Center for, etc.). This allows you to not only shorten your site title, but also to front load it with the more meaningful keyword (see the HR example below). For this usage, leave the field for affiliation link blank.


Affiliation: Department of Medicine
Site Title: Division of Bone & Mineral Diseases

Affiliation: Center for Cardiovascular Research
Site Title: Nerbonne Lab

Affiliation: Student Government Council
Site Title: Hispanic American Leadership Organization

Affiliation: Office of
Site Title: Human Resources

Groups within groups

What if your group falls under more than one parent organization, such as a lab within a center within a division within a department?

Since there’s only room for one affiliated group above the site name in the header, consider the following options:

  1. Pick the group that sits one level above yours hierarchically (i.e., department for division, division for section, and so on).
  2. Don’t include an affiliation in the header. Instead, explain how your group fits into those other groups elsewhere on your site, like on an About or Contact page.