Setting a News Page

Use the Posts Page setting or the Latest Posts block to automatically list every news or blog post published on your site.

Option 1: Setting a default posts page

The default posts page displays every post published on your site in reverse chronological order. For each post, the title, excerpt, date published and author are listed. You cannot include any other content on the page.

See an example of the default posts page in action »

  1. Publish a page with just a title – no body text, featured image or categories. (Any content you add to this page would be hidden once it is designated as your default posts page.)
  2. From the left menu of your site’s dashboard, go to Settings > Reading.
  3. Under Your homepage displays you’ll see a field for Posts page. From the dropdown, select the empty news page you created in the first step.
  4. By default, 10 posts will show per page. You can edit this number but changing the Blog Pages Show At Most field.
  5. Ignore the fields referring to Syndication Feeds,
  6. Click the Save Changes button at the top of the page.
  7. WordPress does the rest of the work! A list of all published posts will automatically display on the page.

Option 2: Customizing a news page

If you would like more control over how you list posts, you can create a custom news or blog page using the Latest Posts block.

For example, you may want to display posts as a grid rather than a list, edit which fields are included (e.g., author, date, excerpt), or limit which posts display to a certain category.

You can also use the Latest Posts block to limit the number of posts shown on a page. For example, you could embed just the three most recent posts on your homepage.

See examples of news pages created with the latest posts block »