The Surface of Planets


ArtSci Attributes: NS

EPSc 118A shows the fascinating variety of land-forms that occur on Earth’s surface, using the U.S. National Parks as a rich suite of examples. Fundamental geological processes are explored that are responsible for shaping the surface, including both land-forming processes such as volcanism and land-removing processes such as erosion. EPSc 171A, in turn, gives an overview of the objects in our solar system, with an emphasis on planetary surfaces, which are most readily observed by means of remote-sensing techniques. These courses provide a complementary study of the geological processes that shape the surface of Earth and its sister planets.

2 courses are required:

  • L19 EPSc 171A 3.00 The Solar System (NS) Annually / SP2017
  • L19 EPSc 118A 3.00 Geology of National Parks (NS) Every 2 Years / SU2017