Adding Buttons

Make a critical call to action stand out from other content on the page using a button.

A button acts as a highly visible link, making it ideal for important actions like applications or registrations. You can add buttons to body text, or insert them into graphical blocks like cards and billboards.

How to use the button block

A new page editor was released in June 2020. Do you know how to use it? See the guide to the new block editor »

  1. Add a button block.
  2. Enter the URL for the button in the link field. If you’re linking to a page or post within your site, simply type in the title and select the page or post from the list. (Internal site content must be published before you can link to it.)
  3. Click on the button itself to add text. If you don’t add text, the button will still appear (and it will look very strange!).
    See tips for writing clear and effective button text »
  4. Change the style of the button in the block settings in the panel on the right. (See examples below.)
    1. Use the primary/red style (default) for the most important action on a page. Try to only use one primary button per page.
    2. Use the outline style if additional buttons are needed, or if you’re adding two parallel calls to action.
  5. Adjust the alignment of the button in settings in the top toolbar. Leave the button aligned left (default) unless the content above it is centered. Button alignment should match the content above it.

Pro Tip

Start button text with a verb to motivate your site visitors to take action.

Button examples

The theme has two different button styles. This allows you to establish a visual hierarchy so the most important links stand out.

Primary style

Red background, white text

Reserve primary buttons for a site’s most important links. Use two on the same page only if the links have equal priority.

Outline style

White background, red text

Use the outline style for follow-up actions to the primary button or when creating multiple parallel links as buttons.

Primary call to action with follow up

Below, the outline button (See application status) provides a follow up link that doesn’t detract from the primary action (Apply online).

1. Complete your application

2. Check your application status

Parallel actions

These outline buttons link to pages that are of parallel importance, depending on the person visiting the site.

Meeting spaces

Whether you need a small meeting room, a large auditorium, or something in between, we have a space for you.

Event planning

Need a hand? From flip charts and furniture to catering and clean up, our services have your meeting covered.

Button inside a billboard to draw attention to a signature event

If you add a button inside a billboard block, the theme will automatically adjust the button color to match.

Assemble. Listen. Learn.

The Assembly Series, Washington University’s signature lecture series, features luminaries and visionaries, intellectuals and creatives, leaders and pioneers.