Duplicating Pages & Posts

Copy, or clone, an existing page, post or other content type.

This feature is available through the Duplicate Posts & Pages plugin, which needs to activated before first use.

To activate the plugin: From the WordPress dashboard, click Plugins in the left menu. Find Duplicate Posts & Pages in the list of plugins, and click Activate.

Two ways to clone a page or post

From your site’s dashboard:

  1. In the left menu click Pages, Posts, Events, People, Places or Items, depending on what type of content you are cloning.
  2. Hover over the title of the page you wish to copy.
  3. Underneath the title, click Clone or New Draft. Both actions create a draft copy of the selected page; however:
    • New Draft opens the copy for you to work on.
    • Clone simply adds the copy to your list of pages without opening it.

Alternatively, while editing the page:

  1. Click More tools & options (it looks like three dots), located in the upper right corner near the Publish/Update button.
  1. Click Copy All Content. You should see a little confirmation message pop up near the bottom of the screen, “All content copied”.
  2. Open a new page or post and paste the content into a paragraph block on the page.
  3. Don’t forget to give the new page or post a title!

Tips and tricks

Content types

You can use this tool for any page or post type, including people, places, items and events.

Check your permalinks

When you duplicate a page, the new draft will have the original page URL, appended with -2. Sites can’t have two pages with the same URL.

If you change the title of the copied page and want the URL to match (recommended), you’ll need to edit the permalink, located underneath the page title.

  1. Click on the page or post title to see the permalink.
  2. Click the Edit button to the right of the permalink.
  3. Update the field to match the new title, then click Save.

Advanced: Replacing a published page with its clone

One reason you might clone a page or post is to mock up significant changes to a published page in an unpublished draft. In this case, you may want to replace the original page with the duplicate when the changes are ready to go live.

This swap from original to duplicate can be tricky and break links. Just follow the steps below and all should go smoothly.

Recommended process

  1. Make sure the copy has the same parent page as the original.
  2. Edit the original page:
    1. Set the status to Draft.
    2. Change the title and permalink; we recommend appending the title and permalink with something like -archive-DATE or -original.
    3. Click Update.
  3. Now edit the duplicate:
    1. Edit the permalink to delete the -2. The permalink should now match the original page’s previous URL. (If you assign the duplicate a different permalink, make sure to update all links to the page and set a redirect.)
    2. Click Publish.
  4. Check your work. Make sure the duplicate version is live and that links to the page are functioning properly.