Adding New Users to Edit Your Site

Make people administrators or editors of your website by adding them as users.

Before you can add a new user to your website, that person needs to log into the site with their WUSTL Key. After logging in they’ll see a blank dashboard and won’t be able to make edits. However, they’ve now been added as a user of WashU Sites; all you need to do is upgrade their permissions.

It takes two to tango – and to add a new person to edit your site!

Instructions for the new user

  1. Go to the website you wish to edit, i.e.
  2. Add /wp-admin/ to the end of the URL, i.e.
  3. When prompted, log in with your WUSTL Key.
  4. Notify the site owner that you’ve completed steps 1-3
  5. Wait to hear back from the site owner that they’ve completed their steps (below).

You should now be able to log into the website using the URL from step 2 above ( and see the dashboard.

Instructions for the site owner

  1. Wait to receive notice from the soon-to-be editor that they’ve completed their part of the process (above).
  2. Go to your site dashboard and on the left select Users > Add New
  3. Under Add Existing User, enter the person’s email address
    Screenshot showing
  4. Select the appropriate role (Editor and Administrator are most common; learn about user roles)
  5. Click Add Existing User

Your new site editor should now be able to log into the website and see the dashboard.

Good to know: If you need to change an existing user’s permissions or delete a user, you can do so by going to Users > All Users.