Embedding Video from YouTube

Inserting video from other websites is as simple as clicking copy and paste.

Embedding a video from YouTube or Vimeo is ideal if your group didn’t produce or doesn’t own it, since the YouTube player make the video’s owner transparent and accessible.

But in most cases, embedding from YouTube is also the best option for video your group does hold the rights to.

By hosting your video on YouTube, your content has greater reach (unless you make it private). It may appear in YouTube and Google searches, along with related videos. YouTube also makes it easy to add closed captions and even translations. Furthermore, its server performance and player interface are especially well developed and supported.

In contrast, uploading a video directly to your website can lead to hosting, loading and performance issues. We largely recommend against hosting videos on your site, though exceptions include brief demo videos and illustrations.

Adding video to YouTube?

First, check if your school has a channel.

Uploading your video to an official Washington University YouTube channel broadens its reach, eliminates the work to maintain a separate channel and makes the university’s online presence more cohesive.

If your group or department does not already have a channel on which to host your video, we can help!

How to embed video from YouTube, Vimeo and these other sites

A new page editor was released in June 2020. Do you know how to use it? See the guide to the new block editor »

  1. Go to the video page in YouTube.
  2. Find the share link: Under the video, click Share and copy the URL; you do not need the embed code.
  3. Paste the share URL into the page editor. Use the default paragraph block, the video block or the YouTube block. If you enter a URL and WordPress recognizes the source, it automatically switches to the appropriate block.
  4. The video preview will generate on your page automatically.

Not seeing the preview?
Make sure you paste only the URL into the block. If you link the URL to other text, the preview will not generate.

This tutorial is not an endorsement of YouTube; there are many video-hosting options available. We discuss and demonstrate YouTube in this tutorial because it is widely used by the university.