Inserting an Individual Person, Place or Item (PPI)

Use the PPI Individual block to display a single faculty member, office location, research project or other post.

Using the PPI: Individual block

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People, Places and Items (PPI) are a custom post type. To use this block, you’ll need to have created at least one PPI post first.

  1. Add the PPI: Individual block to the page.
  2. Select People, Places or Items from the Select a Post Type dropdown in the right settings panel.
  3. Choose a specific person, place or item using the Select a Post dropdown. As long as you have created and published the person, place or item, it will appear in this dropdown, based on which post type you selected.
  4. You selection will appear in the PPI: Individual block.

Individual PPI examples

Here is what each of the three post types look like when pulled individually onto a page.


Samuel Achilefu, PhD

Michel M. Ter-Pogossian Professor of Radiology

Achilefu’s research focuses on the design, development and biochemical evaluation of molecular imaging agents and drugs in cells and living organisms. He has earned national recognition for his work to use light to activate drugs and the immune system in the body.



Inserting a List of People, Places or Items (PPI)

Use the PPI List block to create a dynamic list of staff, labs, publications and more.

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