Adding a Calendar

Insert a calendar of your events by month, week or day.

Use this tutorial to add a full calendar to a page. If you’d like to add a simple list instead of a monthly grid, follow the tutorial for adding a list of events to a page.

There are controls at the top of the calendar that allow site visitors to change the view according to their preference, i.e. from month to week, day or agenda.

Inserting the calendar

A new page editor was released in June 2020. Do you know how to use it? See the guide to the new block editor »

1. Add the Events Calendar block

  1. Click the Add block icon (it looks like an encircled plus sign) to insert the Events Calendar block on the page.

If you don’t see the Events Calendar block, your site is likely using a different Events tool. Contact for assistance.

2. Decide which events to show

  • In the Block settings on the right, you can decide whether your calendar will show events from all categories or only one.
  • By default, events from all categories will populate the calendar you’re inserting. If you want all of your events to populate the calendar, don’t select a category from the dropdown menu.
  • To limit the calendar’s events to one category, select the corresponding category from the Category dropdown.

3. Adjust date and time formats

Adjust other displays under Calendar Settings on the right. Most are a matter of preference, except for date format, which should be changed to a U.S. format.

  • Time
  • Day of the week
  • Month name
  • Day format
  • Date format: By default, this is set to DD/MM; choose a U.S. format from the dropdown menu to prevent confusion

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